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Used SUV inventory in Zanesville, OH

Are you searching for an SUV that meets all your requirements but at an affordable price? Consider purchasing a used SUV and benefit from all the features of a new one at a lower price. At Dutro Ford Lincoln, we have a vast lineup of used SUV models from various reputable brands, including Ford, Chevy, Jeep, Ram, GMC, and Buick. With each used SUV purchase, we assure you of a trouble-free ownership period loaded with enjoyable memories.


While buying a brand-new SUV may limit you to a specific model, a used SUV provides you with an opportunity to select from a wide range of models. If you prefer Ford SUVs, we have a whole list of models to choose from in our showrooms near Athens, OH, including used Ford Edge, Explorer, Expedition, Escape, and Ecosport. Due to the various models available, you can compare the SUVs based on specifications such as engine performance, exterior or interior features, fuel efficiency, and price before deciding.


As with all used vehicles, used SUV models are pretty affordable and offer you the opportunity to save your hard-earned money while getting maximum value. As a result of depreciation, the used SUV models attract lower buying prices and cost less in registration fees and taxes.

Additionally, used SUVs will cost you less in repairs and maintenance thanks to the availability of service and maintenance records from previous owners. They allow you to identify a suitable SUV model based on service intervals, maintenance schedules, recalls, and accidents history. Therefore the used SUV you purchase is in a mint mechanical condition, thus making your trips across Coshocton enjoyable.

Used SUVs are an excellent choice for interested buyers looking for affordability, reliability, and value for money. If interested in owning one, visit us today and choose a model from the vast list at Dutro Ford Lincoln.